Sunday, 16 June 2024


At JKL Woodcrafts we offer a number of services:

In brief:

Bespoke projects ranging from a simple box to four poster beds to outdoor builds.

Furniture and general repairs or restorations.

Hand crafted items of all sorts.

Weed stash boxes.

Adult only bondage sex furniture and equipment.

***NEW we now offer a Private Home Care service where we can pop in and be your call out number if required.

Bit more detail:

Bespoke projects – Examples include full sized wishing wells, pergolas, pergodas, even a pagoda (one day), community Christmas sleighs, unusual pipe-in boxing, solid four poster beds, mini barn, or raised planters to name a few. Contact us with your requirements and we can go from there to bring your desire into your life. On the commercial side we can help with all sorts of creative ideas but if you just want standard storage solutions, cupboards, or stairs then please contact one of the many other excellent joinery services in the area, we like doing the unusual stuff.


Furniture and general repairs or restorations – We can handle many furniture repairs/restorations though if it is something that is beyond our skill set we will tell you, same for any project. 


Handcrafted items of all sorts – Trinket or secrets boxes or urns for relatives or pets, toy swords or giant dominos, tealight holders and pendants, many things. Some are in stock and can ship immediately but most are hand made to order which takes time. Nothing is bought in and resold as made by us.


Weed stash boxes – We make these simply because we believe in the cause; and they are fun to make.


Additionally we can sort out your flat packs too; bedside cabinet to wardrobes; and garden sheds if you’re stuck (we really don’t like sheds 🙂 ). Garden offices can also be quoted for if you find current specialists do not have the design you want, specialists don’t tend to do crazy, we like the odd jobs, but we can be more expensive though not always – worth talking to us if you maybe want to adapt something.


Adult only furnitureWe also create/recreate bespoke adult dungeon and bondage sex furniture. See the Adult gallery for examples of the type of equipment/furniture available though please note some of these will be external examples (royalty free web images or links to originators) until our portfolio grows. Almost anything you can find we can recreate it to suit your home, your personal build, or even if you have a disability that needs to be accomodated for or we can build your design and if we can’t, for whatever reason, we will tell you. All of these are built to order and can have lead times that are months. Absolute discretion assured.


Private home care service – This aspect came about by accident but has become incorporated into our business. Specialising in aiding the elderly where relatives cannot always help or be there, or there are none, to help with home chores, household and garden maintenance as well as be on call. Sort of a helpful retired neighbour or spare handy DIYer. For this service we offer basic gardening, some general repairs or advice on what needs doing. We can call in weekly on a relative to do some cleaning or basic household maintenance, change a light bulb, fill in a form or simply be there to potter about following instructions. More information


Prices – We will not charge you extortionate prices but they will be fair – and usually non-negotiable; even to Life of Brian fans unless you can prove your name is Bert of course.  Where an item requires outside skills such as an upholsterer then their cost will need to be met in addition to our deposit. For expensive items then staged payments can be or may need to be used where and if required.

Deposits – Material deposits are often required. Where a deposit for materials is required and those materials are delivered then the deposit cannot be returned until our suppliers agree to returns with any costs coming from the deposit payable by you. Where materials have been used/opened then desposits cannot be returned.


******Please note though we offer a variety of services we are not available to make structural house alterations – We are not insured to work on the structure of your premises but we can build external structures or items to order for subsequent delivery and installation into your home. For internal/external doors please contact a specialist.

Our site carries lots of examples of our work, the pictures are not always stunning in their setup but hopefully give you the right idea. Also if you see something on the internet you want recreated then we can usually help you.